Thursday, November 23, 2006

LibjoLIVE! Excellent Student Promo

LibjoLIVE! with cooperation of Albor National High School will conduct a promotion project to support students. A Free Internet and Internet tutorial for students who have good scores. The Excellent Student Promo. To give credit to students for doing good at school for their hard work. This will give them chance to acquire a knowledge on Internet and computer. A hands-on experience. Provide them free tutoring on how to use computer and the Internet.

Libjo is very fortunate to have an Internet connection. This is more than any invention so far. Far greater than the telephone and calculator. A whole new world on your finger tips. A big library, a one virtual world to travel, learn and to make friends. And it is just a click away.

This will promote Internet as educational tool for school research. Take advantage with;

The Internet -
How to use email
Use instant messenger
Use blog or create a webpage
Look for information using search engines
Online encyclopedia like
Download files or documents
Share photos
News about the world, medicine, sports anything

How to use the computer -
Word documents
Create art
Play songs


Anonymous said...

I would suggest or encourage to all Libjoanon or Dinagatnons who are fortunate to Donate their old PC to our poor public High School institution So Students can use/learn atleast Basic Computer Knowledge. Its pitiful, microsoft Office like excel and words even internet are being taught already in ST. Paul Univ. - SNC high school. Amo man lagi ini, kung dili ta mobuyag pagkaprovince, amora gajud intawon an mga tawo sa dinagat way pagbabago, makaluluoy. atleast kung maprovince na, their is a possibility/changes and potentials to progress. Crime can be solve or minimize by vigilant people themselves. Lets Try the challenge for change!!!! GO YES Dinagat!!!LETS MOVE ON!!!

Anonymous said...

mabuhay to LibjoLIVE for their help to the students in our high school. it's really helpful to the students to know the basics in computer and a great preparation for college or work.
but let me tell you this, provincehood is not the answer for the computer literacy problem in our high schools. dept. of education still have national funding. if it lacks money then the local government can help thru the school board budget the municipality has. the school purchased few computers before but there's no program adding it to the curriculum and the local government is not active in improving the status of our schools. if they hired locally funded computer teachers then libjoanons will donate pc's and even services like lijolive is offering.
there must be a program first and the local government must be involved. also, the PTA must do their share. in cebu public schools, the PTA spearheaded the programs and students pay monthly for the electricity.
there's no connection with the YES or NO vote. if our lawmaker is smart enough then computers should have been included in the budget when new high schools were established in the barangays.

Anonymous said...

Korek ka dyan, pero pwedeng gumawa ng local ordinace to subsidize comoputer letiracy for local or provincial students. It can be funded also by pork barrel as a congressional projects. Well, hamok an pwede mangyari dyan kung talagang totohanin ng ating new Provincial and congressioanl and national govt...

Anonymous said...

Link to Excellent Student Awardees