Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Province of Dinagat Island - Yes or No and Why?

Continued discussion from ‘Creation of the New Province?From what I’ve learned from the previous discussion the trend was that most Lumad (native dinagatnon) tends to vote No to the separation due to peace and order concerns in the Island. A PBMA voter is expected to vote Yes. Mainland and Siargao Island voters and politicians were inclined to vote Yes since they don't favor with the too political biased PBMA Dinagat. And the Catholic Church runs a petition against the separation of the Island.

Let us make this a fair discussion. Please answer Yes or No and Why? And thanks for all of your comments.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

LibjoLIVE! Excellent Student Promo

LibjoLIVE! with cooperation of Albor National High School will conduct a promotion project to support students. A Free Internet and Internet tutorial for students who have good scores. The Excellent Student Promo. To give credit to students for doing good at school for their hard work. This will give them chance to acquire a knowledge on Internet and computer. A hands-on experience. Provide them free tutoring on how to use computer and the Internet.

Libjo is very fortunate to have an Internet connection. This is more than any invention so far. Far greater than the telephone and calculator. A whole new world on your finger tips. A big library, a one virtual world to travel, learn and to make friends. And it is just a click away.

This will promote Internet as educational tool for school research. Take advantage with;

The Internet -
How to use email
Use instant messenger
Use blog or create a webpage
Look for information using search engines
Online encyclopedia like
Download files or documents
Share photos
News about the world, medicine, sports anything

How to use the computer -
Word documents
Create art
Play songs

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

News: Surigao Execs to Block Dinagat’s Provincehood

SURIGAO CITY - Provincial officials led by Surigao del Norte Vice Gov. Rodolfo Navarro and a group of lawyers are set to file before the Supreme Court a motion blocking the move to make Dinagat Island a separate province.

The Commission on Elections (COMELEC) passed a resolution last Nov. 7 setting the date for the conduct of a plebiscite to determine whether voters in Dinagat and other affected areas will approve the creation of the new province. More...

Tuktoga-ok - Morning Call

It’s not Tagalog version of tiktila-ok, not an English cock-a-doodle-doo, or a German kikeriki in Libjo when you hear a rooster you should hear it crowing TUKTOGA-OK. A unique sound you couldn't hear anywhere else. :-) Last summer when we had our vacation, my son always complained for not sleeping, "Rooster keeps me awake" he says. It's the morning call, but my son still adjusting to his sleep. It is supposed to be his sleeping time and is already wake-up time here.
Once, my father partly owns the sabongan in Libjo. (from the word sabong - fighting
roosters). We have a poultry fence in our home backyard. I was assigned to feed the chickens every afternoon before dark. Unfortunely not on time. Hmm, most the time I would say. Sometimes I fed them late like nine o’clock in the evening, with kerosene lamp since we have no electricity way back then. Roosters end up starving. My father was furious, as a consequence he let me write, "Feed the rooster, feed the rooster, feed the rooster" on all my school notebooks. Except for one (notebook), which I could not find that time. Everything has a print on both sides of the covers. Reason? So I won't keep forgetting to feed the rooster after school. That's funny.
Sabong happens every Sunday and on Holidays here in Libjo. And even on Good Fridays. It is people’s favorite pastime.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Tambasakan - Mudskipper

I usually don't read book to my kids when they went to bed. Instead I pick a story about my childhood and share it with them. At this point I could not find a story. All I could remember is this song and this particular fish back in Libjo. Most of you know this song. Si Pelimon and the fish called Tambasakan or mudskipper in english.

- Cebuano
Si Pilemon, Si Pilemon namasol sa kadagatan
Nakakuha, nakakuha ug isda'ng tambasakan
Guibaligya, Guibaligya sa merkado'ng guba
Ang halin puros kura, ang halin puros kura igo ra i panuba.

- English
Filemon, Filemon went fishing in the sea
He caught, he caught a mudskipper
He sold it, he sold it in the dilipated market
He earned a little cash, he earned a little cash, just enough to buy tuba.


pasol - to catch fish; to fish by hook-and-line
kadagatan - the open sea
kuha - to get; to catch
isda - fish
isdang tambasakan - mudskipper
baligya, ibaligya - to sell
merkado - market
guba - broken down; run-down; rickety
halin - revenue; income from sale
pulos - entirely; wholly
kura - fake money; money circulated during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines
igo - enough; sufficient
tuba - a popular drink fermented from the sap of the coconut tree
ipanuba - to spend one's money on tuba

Smart is back in Libjo

Despite the dispute of the land area where Smart cell tower is located, Smart service in Libjo now is back and not only it serves cell phones, it also serves internet connectivity. Smart wi-fi as it was called (comes from "Wireless Fidelity") is a wireless broadband internet connection. I'm just not sure with fidelity of the wi-fi in Libjo as what I’ve read from all the reviews, thu this a good option to get an Internet broadband. Especially that Libjo has no landline telephone service.
Because of Smart tower proximity to the downtown, Libjo cell customers now turning back to Smart since it has strong and very good clear signal. Now I have switch back and remember my moms cell phone number when she's still with Smart. She said she could now use her cell phone even inside our house without any interruption.

BTW, our cell phone directory initiative is still in progress. And If you would like to help, please contact us

Monday, November 06, 2006

News: Dinagat mine operations set to start

THE STATE-OWNED Natural Resources Mining Development Corp. (NRMDC) expects trial operations of the Dinagat Island chromite project to start in the first quarter of 2007.

As the contractor United Philippines China Mining Corp. (UPCMC) winds up its feasibility study on the project this fourth quarter, it has also started exploration work at parts of the island designated as parcel 1A and parcel 2B. The company sees a guaranteed rate of 24,000 metric tons... more

Friday, November 03, 2006

Branding Libjo and Libjo LIVE!

Have you heard of branding towns and cities? Yes, cities were now branded like Levi's or Coca-Cola and any other products. One example in the US is LasVegas 'what happens here stays here' motto. They tried it registered it so nobody can use it as advertising for something else. It makes a sense of Las Vegas as a city where you can experience freedom. Some cities in the Philippines also is doing these but not to the extent of registering it in trades and patents. Branding now is more important to survival of a city or town. Cebu has its own Ceboom. Siargao has its 'Surfing capital of the Philippines'. What about Libjo? That is what we are doing here at Libjo LIVE! We are trying to dig uncover our history, attractions, economics, demographics, tourism and with the help of a community like ours we can make it successful. Here is some reading about branding a city.