Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Name Day Celebration

How did you get your first name? (My school assignment)

Hello! My name is Shalamath. Shalamath is from the Filipino word "salamat" meaning thank you. I was misdiagnose in triple test when I was still on my moms tummy. I'm positive for Down syndrome. The doctors said to my dad I had an open skull.
My mom was very upset and was crying all weekend long when they learned that. And when they went back to the clinic Monday the next week to talk to the doctor the nurse just told them there have been a mistake on the laboratory work. And they were just sorry. My mommy really doesn’t want me taken out by the doctors. She loves me very much. Even if I will have an open skull. They want to keep me still.
The time I was born, my parents were really happy. I’m normal and healthy baby boy.
And that is why they call me Shalamath (thank you).
Both of my parents came from the Philippines. From an island called Dinagat and
town called Libjo. Both of them still speak Filipino I'm not. I was born in Atlanta Georgia. I came from the South and I'm a Filipino-American.

My brother is Allahmath and my dads name is Ahguimath we all have "math" in all our names. My dad told me, its because your grandfather loves mathematics.

That's my story. How about you? Can you tell me yours?


Kristal Jacquez said...

My name is Kristal from the precious stone Crystal. It started with my fathers name Bato, Filipino word for "stone". My brother's name is Cliffer from the word "cliff" and my sisters name is Emerald, a precious stone too. Emerald's daugther is Pearl and will continue until i get my own children too. Our family rocks!

lolita marie said...

My grandmother is named Lolita, my mother is named Marissa, so i was named Lolita Maris and my sister Leo Marie....

Anonymous said...

hoy lutchie, pag diet na madam.. hahaha
musta mo tanan diha.