Monday, October 09, 2006

Dive Information Detail in Libjo Dinagat Island

Deepest Experience: 35 m.
General Remarks: Fabulous beautiful place on the west goast of Dinagat Island. Mushroom rocks coming out of the sea, great channels between in.

Type of Bottom: Lots of coral growth, especially inside the bays. Outside in violent currents bare rock with sparse corals.
Marinelife: Inside the bays poor in small life, good for fishes mainly but not large fishes: all fished.
Visibility: Very clear water, 25 m +
Currents: Outside sheltered area very violent. Washing machine.
Level: Inside the bays for beginners and recreational diving very perfect, especially when no currents at all. Outside the bays only for professional divers. Drift dive experience needed.

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