Saturday, September 02, 2006

Introducing muthja

Hello! Let me introduce Muthja. She’s our site manager at Libjo LIVE! and our Internet café in Libjo. She can assist pretty much in all your needs in Libjo. Either in how to use computers, uses the Internet, play games, download files, use document processing and prints. She can also arrange a tour package for you. Island and beach hopping, caving, mountain climbing or just book your stay in Libjo. You know what? She’s nice … she is a Computer Engineer graduate from University of San Carlos. She love’s amateur radio. And you can often catch her at 145.030 Mhz frequency modulating. She has lots of friends On-Air as well as Online. She loves the outdoors. Once, during her college days she participated in rock-climbing competition in Cebu. And I remember she was number 8 in women category at that time. Balikbayan herself, she have been to Taiwan couple years back and she knows a little of Chinese and French. Of course she can speak and write in English as well. She loves Libjo, she was born here, finish high school and she knows much about everyone and around Libjo. She’s the best person to talk to. Ayez un jour splendide! Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my website and leaving a comment in my guestbook. I hope to meet you one day on my future trips to Surigao... :-) Ingats, God bless and good luck for promoting your place.

Jorge, webmaster of

P.S.: I'm licensed amateur radio operator too ;-)

P.P.S.: Just let me know if you like a link to your site from my page - walay sapayan

Anonymous said...

i think it's nice if we have a webpage for forum tackling issues and topics of interest regarding our town... thank you for spearheading this...God bless


Anonymous said...

It's not mentioned here if she's still single or not!

Nico said...

Hello Jorge! I already have the link in the site for And daghan salamat sa pag visita.

my call KC0VSR

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Mademoiselle,

Je m'appel John. Vous parles bien le Francais? Moi, je parle en peu. En fait, tres peu.

Je veax aller ou Libjo. On dit que Libjo est tres joli. C'est en paradis. Cest vrai?

Au revoir Mademoiselle.

muthja said...

Bonjour John! Enchante duh faire votre connaisance. Je suis vraiment desole, je ne parle pas francais, mais ma frere pense que oui. Parlez anglais sil vous plait....:)

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Mademoiselle,
Ce moi, John. Je no pouvais pas ecrire plus tot parce que j'etais tres occupe.
Je suis desole mais je no parle pas anglais, je parle espagnol. Vous parle espagnol, mademoiselle? J'espere que vous parle espagnol aussi.
Hasta luego, senorita

Anonymous said...

Hi muthja, I am an avid visitor of your site. It really looks promising and totally cool! Just to let you know, we do share the same goal of providing news to our beloved kababayan.

Carl, webmaster of

dakdeloach said...

Confusion striked me badly several minutes ago wondering where Libjo located at. When I left the Philippines in 1980...Libjo has never existed...Albor man iton sa una.

Wow!!! a website? I wonder if Dinagat has one. No! just visited Dinagat several months ago and people especially the older generations still trying to figure out how to operate a cell phone. Oh! hell, my brother still keeps his cell phone sa!!!

Muthja, I have a good friend named Dodo Edera who currently resides there. I haven't seen him in nearly 3 decades. Here's my email Please do Aida Ebol ne' from USA.

Take care and God bless!!!

mercy said...

hello EVERYONE from my hometown LIBJO !!! i didnt realized that there are so many of us who left our place and now live here in USA ... like -- i am here in New York ... and, i remember the name Aida Ebol -- though, i cannot picture her in my mind ... hopefully we can keep in touch with each other through this blog ... more power to LIBJO CHAT !!! it's me,

mercy said...

I went for a visit just last June 2007 ... i had so much fun ... how i wished i stayed longer ... the most memorable time was when i had a party for all my relatives and special friends from LIBJO ... i love it when they appreciated everything that i gave away ... too bad, i left just as when Mayor Llamera was inaugurated ... CONGRATS MAYOR !!! and MORE POWER !!! it's me ... edith

mercy said...

hello EVERYONE from my hometown LIBJO!!! i didnt realized that there are so many of us that left our place and now are currently living here in USA ... hopefully we could keep in touch ... like Aida Ebol -- i heard her name before but i really cannot picture her in my mind ... i am here in new york and i'm pretty sure that there's a lot of people who still remember me in our hometown ... email me at :)

illusion said...

And here i thought your name was Kristal.. Im sorry about that.. I must have heard it wrong when someone called your name... or.. it was not you she was calling.. by the way.. thank you for allowing me to use the net... and the warm welcome!!!
i posted a comment the other day..

marivicangob said...

hi muth im your kumare marivic,i was surprise when i browsing your website.its amazing our town had their own website.CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!you made i wish that i can go back there in our town but i dont know when.just keep my regards to our fellow classmates there.

Anonymous said...


dugay dugay na sab na waya ko maka bisita nan albor. ako pag yukbo sa ijo buotan na mayor, si mayor llamera sanan sa ija kapikas, si dr. llamera. mangumusta ra ko sa ebarle family labi na kan luv luv sanan sa ija bana na si mark. kumusta sab kan engr ongluico. basin next year puhon, 2010, maka attend ako sa ijo mabibo na fiesta sa libjo.

Anonymous said...

hi tyang.... duol na ang fiesta... Unsay gimik diha sa libjo....Wala lagi update sa araw ng Libjo. I really missed libjo na TALAGA....Miss you guys... Hope to see u this Fiesta.Anha me sa inyong tyang mamista... Silly girl

Anonymous said...

Hi all. How are you?