Thursday, August 31, 2006

Libjo's Mount Pelhi

Let me chat more about Libjo’s very own Mount Pelhi. Remember I called it the Bonsai Garden? I scaled the mountain myself for at least twice.

Situated east from Libjo next to the Pacific Ocean, Mt. Pelhi stands 770 meters from sea level. And since its foot started from seacoast level, the view looks gorgeous from the base. Much especially when clouds touches its peaks.

Pelhi derives from the local name Palhi (a place not for human beings). This mountain really has its own wonders. Bonsai trees covered with moss and pitcher plant all over the place. Equivalent to Canada’s Sleeping Giant, locals also called Mt. Pelhi Babaeng Bukid (Lady Mountain). From the distance the mountain really looks a woman lying on her back.

Climbing the mountain takes you a motor ride from Libjo to barangay San Jose and a boat ride to Sitio Katmunan. We used the Sitio as jump off point and a kilometer inland close to the water stream as our based camp. At the peak we used the old treasure mine at 760 meters as the high camp.

This mountain deserves respect. And I hope this will be preserve for the future generation. It will not be exploited for mining, logging and forest kaingin-burning. I wondered, could it be considered a national park or even a Municipal Park?

You can check Mt. Pelhi in the Map.

Thanks to the following pioneer mountain climbers;
Ahguimath Jacquez
Dick Cortez
Jewsco Jacquez
Nonong Resurecion
Esen Bobit Eludo
Cliffer Jacquez
Jud Jacquez


Anonymous said...

Actually, this mountain is known as PALHI to the locals.

Anonymous said...

Palhi is a very interesting place to see. hope you can post a lot of pictures of it like the peacher plant you said and the lady form of it. thanks

mamalsahay said...

Ajaw mo pagplano pag adto sa palhi kay ang mga kongking gani mahadlok mua