Thursday, August 31, 2006

Libjo's Mount Pelhi

Let me chat more about Libjo’s very own Mount Pelhi. Remember I called it the Bonsai Garden? I scaled the mountain myself for at least twice.

Situated east from Libjo next to the Pacific Ocean, Mt. Pelhi stands 770 meters from sea level. And since its foot started from seacoast level, the view looks gorgeous from the base. Much especially when clouds touches its peaks.

Pelhi derives from the local name Palhi (a place not for human beings). This mountain really has its own wonders. Bonsai trees covered with moss and pitcher plant all over the place. Equivalent to Canada’s Sleeping Giant, locals also called Mt. Pelhi Babaeng Bukid (Lady Mountain). From the distance the mountain really looks a woman lying on her back.

Climbing the mountain takes you a motor ride from Libjo to barangay San Jose and a boat ride to Sitio Katmunan. We used the Sitio as jump off point and a kilometer inland close to the water stream as our based camp. At the peak we used the old treasure mine at 760 meters as the high camp.

This mountain deserves respect. And I hope this will be preserve for the future generation. It will not be exploited for mining, logging and forest kaingin-burning. I wondered, could it be considered a national park or even a Municipal Park?

You can check Mt. Pelhi in the Map.

Thanks to the following pioneer mountain climbers;
Ahguimath Jacquez
Dick Cortez
Jewsco Jacquez
Nonong Resurecion
Esen Bobit Eludo
Cliffer Jacquez
Jud Jacquez

Friday, August 25, 2006

Libjo New Municipal Gym

Aside from the 2 existing gym that is located in Barangay Albor and San Antonio a new expected modern gym will be built in Ginumbayan also part of San Antonio. Project is dated 2004 and 2007 and picture is taken June 11, 2006.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Libjo, Surigao del Norte

Libjo is a 5th class municipality in the province of Surigao del Norte, Philippines. According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 16,610 people in 3,083 households. Click here for more about its history. Where is Libjo?

New Libjo Logo (Dinagat) and the Old (under Surigao del Norte)

Libjo is politically subdivided into 16 barangays.

  • Albor (Pob.)
  • Arellano
  • Bayanihan
  • Doña Helen
  • Garcia
  • General Aguinaldo (Bolod-bolod)
  • Kanihaan
  • Llamera
  • Magsaysay
  • Osmeña
  • Plaridel
  • Quezon
  • Rosita
  • San Antonio (Pob.)
  • San Jose
  • Santo Niño
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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Tenyente Vicente Llamera Sr.

Long before Libjo becomes Albor, Libjo is a barangay and baryo of Loreto. By the way, a little bit of Albor’s background. Albor was formed as municipality from the resources of the two major towns of Loreto and Dinagat. It was called Albor named after the combination of Loreto’s mayor Alfaro and Dinagat’s mayor Borja. hence, the place is called Albor but eventually returned to his original name to Libjo officially and Albor becomes the barangay now situated in the poblacion.

A Tenyente del Baryo headed Libjo an equivalent to Barangay Captain today. His name was Vicente Reyes Llamera Sr. although, this era was shared with other personalities like Andres Patual, Helario Andit and Amado Llorca, this gentleman interest me since he’s a Llamera before Libjo was headed by his cousin and the first appointed then later elected town mayor Lamberto Llamera Sr.

Vicente was born after Bartolome Llamera and Antonia Reyes. A native of Libjo he went to school in Ubay Bohol. Married to Gleceria Suan Gonzales from Sindangan Macrohon Southern Leyte and then settled in Libjo. They have 5 children, Vicente Jr. Antonieto, Reynaldo, Fe and Remedios.

When I asked papa (Antonieto) what could you remember about your father during when he was the Tenyente del Baryo, he said “My dad is a superb fisherman and a farmer at the same time. Nobody could follow the steps of my father. All I can remember during his term as Tenyente was… Libjo is a peaceful town.”

Papa also mentioned that during when Vicente Sr. was still alive, they always spent time together every December with his siblings and family of Popoy Tome’s home in Balite.

Vicente Sr. siblings were Tikyo, Froilan, Candido, Ninang, Daniel, Panting, Hilarion and Undoy (adopted)

Thursday, August 17, 2006

My town has changed

I was a school kid when I used to save my one peso for snack to watch the nightly show on betamax. I love Jacky Chan and Bruce Lee movies. Electricity during those days scarce, it starts at 6 in the afternoon and stops at 9 in the evening. After nine everything’s back to 17-century manila. We used to have candles, lampara and lamparella. All we can do is look for the bed and sleep.

Time changed and Libjo really change. Now most of our homes have TV sets cable ready since we already have cable in town. Electricity now starts 1 in the afternoon and ends at 7 am the next morning. There are lots of things you can do now.

By boat, Surigao before takes us 4 to 5 hours to cross and can only do one-way a day. Now you can go to Surigao and be back the afternoon the same day.

Back then we send our communication in telegram. We depend on telegraphic transfer for our tuition. Cell phones is now In and Cebu and Manila is just text away. And with Internet connection in Libjo the world is getting and getting much smaller. Libjo soon will be one of the few places in Surigao with strong online presence like Mainit Mainit.Org and Pidjanga of Mainit, Surigao City and General Luna (GL) Patricks .

Monday, August 14, 2006

Photos from Libjo Town Fiesta

Libjo Celebrated Town Fiesta together with Philippine 108th Independence Day June 12, 2006. The team is "Pagkakaisa para sa matatag na Republica." Here's some pictures during the Fiesta Celebration.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Popoy's in USA

Popoy naa na sa America? Tinu-od? Bitaw? Lagi... Be... tan-aw ko be? Karon tuo na gyud mo?Upper right is taken during our trip to Canada. We stop over Duluth Minnesota to the biggest lake in North America. And down here is taken during our 4th of July Celebration at Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Things to do ...

- Cave exploration otherwise known as Spelunking, I believe is one of the undiscovered sports that should be promoted here in the island. Westside of Libjo is made of limestone type of rocks with lots of caves, clefts, stalactite, stalagmite and rock island formation. There could still be more caves out there unnoticed and worth to be explored. One of the caves close to barangay Quezon is so large that it was used as a refuge during the war of WorldWar II. It was also used as burial site for centuries and until now you can still see piles of human bones. Ritual rites for quack doctors and spirit offerings were also done in some of this caves.

- Mountain Climbing Mt. Pelhi. Reaching the heights and experience the cold mist next to the clouds is one of my favorites. Catching your breath as you climb, Mt. Pelhi in the east side of the island is one of its kinds. Trees grow shorter as it reaches the top. I suggest this place should be called the bonsai garden. Everything looks short and you will really notice it’s a whole new world up there. More on Mt. Pelhi.

- Snorkeling and Scuba diving depends on what you looking for. Some spots I believe still can be access for wrecked diving. World War II brings some of this airplanes and ships in this face of the ocean. Coral reef can still be considered intact since creation. And a spot is still possible to whale shark watching.

- Biking – with all kinds of terrain and no rules to follow. This could be a haven for all kinds of bike enthusiast. Design to transport lumber during timber cutting period, trails can be access by motor or by pedal.

- Canoeing, fishing and island hopping is not a problem at all. Libjo is situated next to the ocean. And this place is made from bay, rivers, swamps, islands and fine white beaches.

- Rock climbing (Libjo Rocks) the walls surrounds the rock formation along the ocean is one of finest in the country.

- And there could be more! Weather that is all year round free from snow and cold. This could be a paradise.

Places to visit?

- Pig-ot Hide Away is one of the the province best island resort. It is composed of islets and white beach suitable for scuba diving, snorkling, boating, wind surfing. I'm just not sure if cottages are still open at this time. Update on Pig-ot.
- Coles Farm in Bolodbolod is a mountain resort. Conferences are hosted here and locals choose this place to relax.
- Beloved Beach - considered the classic beach, it's just situated very close to the town proper. White sand beach and clear blue water.
- Pangabangan Island - a 45 minutes pumpboat ride from poblacion exotic of its fine white beach with natural lagoon suited for sun bathing, kayaking,and boat riding.
- Salvador Beach - next to Pig-ot Hide Away
- Langub Cave
- Tamuyawas Falls

How to contact?

- We have postal mail in the Island (Philippine Postal)
- Cell phones now is available in the area. Globe cell phones will work and although there is Smart, they still have technical problem.
- Public Telephone is also available at the Town Hall (Municipyo). Area code is thesame as in Surigao City, so connecting to the City is just considered a local call. The number is (86) 1982697 and (86) 1982698
- Internet - internet is just new to the area. You can make advance arrangement to make a contact. Take note of the time and email or ym id to be used. Web Chat and Email is also available.

Place to stay?

Joks Bunk House is just located minutes from the boat terminal (libjo proper). You can make reservation at +63(918)362 1547

How to get there?

- Motorbike (habal-habal) is the main transportion in town. You can travel to any destination within the Island. To and from San Jose, Loreto, Tubajon and to its Barangays.
- By Boat (Lancha) you can take this ride to and from Surigao City or when weather is not that good take a boat ride via San Jose where travel by sea is much closer.
- Jeepney is now available. For those with larger ang heavier luggage traveling from and to San Jose.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Libjo Live from Libjo Surigao del Norte

Mabuhay and Welcome to Libjo Live! - the first and only Internet café in Libjo. Our site available at also serves as an online community bulletin for Libjo-anon and Dinagat Island residents around the world. LibjoLIVE! serves as our source for news and information in and around the island. It also serve as start page if you’re using our Café in Libjo. If you find this page meaning you're using our Internet Connection. You are free to post a feedback and anything about our very own Libjo Live from Libjo Dinagat Islands, Philippines.

Have a great day! We hope you have a pleasant stay and Thanks for stopping by!