Saturday, December 30, 2006

Just do it Dinagat!

I remembered one time in my class at University of San Carlos in Cebu we were having an exam, a mathematical one and it says "Solve this problem by Nike". The question that comes to my mind was What? Nike? This was during that time when Nike was very popular with Michael Jordan, the NBA basketball player and known to it's advertising phrase "Just do it!".

Just do it! Do what you can do, I don't care how you do it. Just do it no matter how.

And it sometimes reminds me of things that needs to be done. At work, school and on every day, excuse doesn't work. I'm late because of the traffic. I'm in the wrong building during a scheduled interview. Internet connection is not up because someone's hacking the system. In reality, it’s my job to leave early so I will not be caught by the traffic. It’s my job to verify if I’m in the right address before time. And it's my duty to make sure my system is up and running and safe from hacker.

No matter what, it’s about setting out goals, our mission and doing it. A good planning and good execution of the plan. "One Family, One OFW" is a good objective for Dinagat. What are the keys to make this a successful one? One Good School, Certified Teachers, Scholarship, Advance Equipment and Hands-On Experience and Job Network to foreign countries.

How will these be implemented? What is the strategy? Where can we get the budget?

To wrap it up, this needs more than just good government official support. It needs support by the people. But it starts from the very top. I hope the phrase from a TV show "You're Fired" doesn’t apply.

From LibjoLIVE! Happy New Year 2007 Everyone!

Friday, December 29, 2006

Dinagat Island Job Bank

This is a support project for "One Family, One OFW" government program. Please post us a comment that includes your name, cell phone number, field of expertise and a brief description of your experience.

To search the bank simply click comments and use the keyboard keys "Control + F". Otherwise if you are looking for Provincial Job for the province of Dinagat Islands Click here.

Thank you very much for your continued support!

Greetings from ANHS Alumni 2005!

Greetings from Albor National High School batch 2005. Happy happy New Year 2007!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Dinagat Island Shangri-la of Adventures

Dinagat Islands is an island group comprising a province in the Philippines, located on the south side of Leyte Gulf and once part of the province of Surigao del Norte. Leyte is to the west, across Surigao Strait, and Mindanao is to the south. Dinagat is about 60 km from north to south.

Best known for its great rock climbing sites and white sand beaches, it is the country's 81st and newest province and the fifth in the Caraga Region.

The province, situated almost entirely on Dinagat Island, is a Shangri-La of adventurers. Its caves, rock formations and mountain lakes provide a perfect ambience for the thrill seeker and highly-strung individuals. It is also the seat of the greatest and historic Battle of Surigao Strait during the World War II and the entry point of the American Liberation forces before the momentous return of Gen. Douglas MacArthur in Leyte.

The province is known as one of the archipelago's holiest sites in the Pre-Christian native religion. It is here where the god of hurricanes was persuaded to relent his attacks on the islands by Da, the god of peace.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

News: Dinagat isle aims to be a 'Singapore'

SURIGAO CITY -- Inspired by Singapore's first World status, the local leadership in Dinagat Island said it is aiming to transform their province into a little Singapore someday.

Surigao del Norte Provincial Board Member Elvis Dela Merced said this after being recommended as Interim Vice Governor by the Dinagat Island Association of Local Government Units (DIALGU) composed of seven municipal mayors and vice mayors, seventy municipal councilors and more than 1,000 barangay officials.

Other interim officials endorsed by DIALGU in their letter recommendation submitted to President Arroyo recently were; Geraldine Ecleo Villaroman, daughter of Surigao del Norte First District Representative Glenda Ecleo as interim Governor and eight interim Provincial Board Members most of them are current and former Dinagat local officials. More ...

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Greetings from Seattle Washington!

Christmas greetings from Rean (Yang-yang) Bagata -Soeung and Family!

Greetings from Georgia USA!

Our Christmas greetings to everybody in Albor! From Villarosa Family in Georgia USA!

Mylah,Rommel, Romay and Rommel II

Monday, December 18, 2006

Mayor's Greetings from Libjo

Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2007 from Mayor Lamberto Llamera Jr. and Family.

Greetings from the Local Civil Registrar and Albor Brgy. Captain

Christmas Greetings from Brgy. Albor Captain Fe Jacquez and Libjo Local Civil Registrar Bato Jacquez and Family.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Greetings from Mr & Mrs Leopoldo Cabeza & Family

Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year! May God's gracious love bless and lit our ways this season and all the years to come...from Mr and Mrs. Leopoldo Cabeza and Family

Saturday, December 16, 2006

LibjoLIVE! Excellent Student Awardees

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our recipients of Excellent Student Promo Award.

Kyvell Lhaoa S. Angob
Teacher Mrs.Patual

Gretchen Torijos
Teacher Ms. Euzel Cabeza - Math

Judee P. Crispo
Jefford Jay P. Crispo
Teacher Mrs. Bustillo

Nessa B. Ontoy
Teacher Marlo Patual - Math

Aldren B. Goriding
Ramel A. Caitum
Teacher Helen Sarno - Chemistry

List of names to be continued...

Libjo LIVE! Now Hiring

With our success in Excellent Student Promo, we are going to introduce a new program for students and alike. We are now offering Java Programming course at LibjoLIVE! in Libjo. Our Excellent Students recipients as first priority, we are also offering this as a FREE program to anyone interested. This course will be taught in a standard online java program. Upon completion of the instruction, an official certificate from SunMicrosystem will be provided. Aside from that, participants upon completion will be offered work and be part of LibjoLIVE! crew in Libjo.

Start: January 12th, 2007
End: March 13th, 2007

Monday to Friday 9:00pm to 11:00pm
86 hours session for 2 hours per day
Lab hands-on and online tutoring

Check these JOB possibilities.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Congratulations to the New Dinagat Island Province and Merry Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all! We may have a prosperous new year ahead of us and to our brand new province. From Mr and Mrs Ahguimath Jacquez and Family in Minneapolis Minnesota USA Mabuhay!

P.S. Please send us your greetings and photo to and we will post it here in LibjoLive! Thanks

Friday, December 08, 2006

News: Dinagat Island Under Signal 2

TROPICAL storm "Seniang" (international codename: Utor) strengthened as it moved closer to the central Philippines, including Cebu province where the 12th Association of Southeast Asian (ASEAN) Summit will be held, the state weather bureau said.
Public storm warning signal number 2 (60-100 kph winds) has been raised over Eastern Samar, while signal number 1 (30-60 kph winds) was over the rest of Samar, the Leyte provinces, Cebu, Biliran and Bohol, all in the Visayas; Sorsogon and Masbate in the Bicol region; and Surigao del Norte, Dinagat and Siargao islands in northern Mindanao. Click for more...

Act Creating the Province of Dinagat Islands

Here’s our copy of the Resolution No. 7743 from the Commission on Elections to promulgating the rules and regulations that govern the conduct of the December 2 2006 plebiscite to ratify the creation of the Province of Dinagat Islands comprising the Municipalities of Basilisa, Cagdianao, Dinagat, Libjo (Albor), Loreto, San Jose and Tubajon in the Province of Surigao del Norte. And copy of the Act Creating the Province of Dinagat Islands - Republic Act No. 9355 signed approved by the President of the Philippines, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, the President of the Senate Manny Villar and Speaker of the House of Representatives Jose De Venecia Jr.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Dinagat Victory Caravan

In celebration for the achievement of Dinagat province hood a victory caravan is conducted today. Participated by the municipal officials from Loreto, Tubajon, Libjo, Basilisa, Dinagat and Cardianao. Including our very own mayor Lamberto Llamera from Libjo.

At around 90 kilometers, the caravan started from Loreto the northerly municipality of the island and ends in San Jose the capital town of the new province.

We expect a big celebration in the town of San Jose a few days from now after the appointment of the new set of provincial officials, sources said.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Greetings from Libjo LIVE!

Here we come, a Christmas season again. It is the season of the year where we spend time with family, relatives and friends together. Time to enjoy and celebrate the spirit and magic of Christmas. A time for prayers, a time to give and forgive. Maybe a new set of clothes and pair of good new shoe? It is this time of the year when kids are busy wrapping gifts, preparing Christmas tree, and making Christmas parol(Star). I supposed a Christmas tree made from mangrove and artificial snow made from laundry soap.

The time of the year to hear joyful songs and see happy faces. It is also time to reconcile and rejoice. Dinagat as a new province may not be the end for those who voted for NO but a new beginning. A new beginning of hope and the fulfillment of the promises for the betterment of the people and progress to the new island province.

Greetings from LibjoLIVE!

News: Dinagat isles land provincehood status

SURIGAO CITY -- With a margin of only 6,914 votes coming from five towns in Dinagat Island bailiwick of the Philippine Benevolent Missionaries Association (PBMA), the "Yes" vote for Dinagat Island prevailed over a poorly promoted "No" vote in the December 2 referendum.

The "Yes" vote officially garnered a total of 70,058 votes while "No" got only 63,144, Comelec said.

But only 44.7 percent of the total 297,959 registered voters in the entire Surigao del Norte including its component city of Surigao cast their votes in the December 2 plebiscite that will decide the fate of making Dinagat Island as the fifth province of Caraga Region.

The turnout of voters is considered to be the lowest so far in the history of political exercise in the province, which has a total of 27 towns and one component city, Comelec Provincial Election officer Joy Jonathan Senaca said. Click for more.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Plebiscite Result – Province of Dinagat Island










San Jose


















A New Province In Caraga

In a plebiscite held last Saturday, the voters of Dinagat Island overwhelmingly approved the to make the island as the fifth province of Caraga Region. The new province will be composed of seven municipalities, namely: 1.) Dinagat, 2.) Loreto, 3.) Basilisa, 4.) Cagdianao, 5.) Libjo, 6.) San Jose, and 7.) Tubajon.

Under the law, Dinagat will assume its status as a province after sixty days from the plebiscite. The local officials shall be appointed by the President of the Philippines and shall hold office until the next local election. Click for more.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Libjo Plebiscite Result – Province of Dinagat Island

Unofficial result from Libjo total from 14 barangays




San Antonio












Gen. Aguinaldo





















Sto. Nino






San Jose






Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Province of Dinagat Island - Yes or No and Why?

Continued discussion from ‘Creation of the New Province?From what I’ve learned from the previous discussion the trend was that most Lumad (native dinagatnon) tends to vote No to the separation due to peace and order concerns in the Island. A PBMA voter is expected to vote Yes. Mainland and Siargao Island voters and politicians were inclined to vote Yes since they don't favor with the too political biased PBMA Dinagat. And the Catholic Church runs a petition against the separation of the Island.

Let us make this a fair discussion. Please answer Yes or No and Why? And thanks for all of your comments.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

LibjoLIVE! Excellent Student Promo

LibjoLIVE! with cooperation of Albor National High School will conduct a promotion project to support students. A Free Internet and Internet tutorial for students who have good scores. The Excellent Student Promo. To give credit to students for doing good at school for their hard work. This will give them chance to acquire a knowledge on Internet and computer. A hands-on experience. Provide them free tutoring on how to use computer and the Internet.

Libjo is very fortunate to have an Internet connection. This is more than any invention so far. Far greater than the telephone and calculator. A whole new world on your finger tips. A big library, a one virtual world to travel, learn and to make friends. And it is just a click away.

This will promote Internet as educational tool for school research. Take advantage with;

The Internet -
How to use email
Use instant messenger
Use blog or create a webpage
Look for information using search engines
Online encyclopedia like
Download files or documents
Share photos
News about the world, medicine, sports anything

How to use the computer -
Word documents
Create art
Play songs

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

News: Surigao Execs to Block Dinagat’s Provincehood

SURIGAO CITY - Provincial officials led by Surigao del Norte Vice Gov. Rodolfo Navarro and a group of lawyers are set to file before the Supreme Court a motion blocking the move to make Dinagat Island a separate province.

The Commission on Elections (COMELEC) passed a resolution last Nov. 7 setting the date for the conduct of a plebiscite to determine whether voters in Dinagat and other affected areas will approve the creation of the new province. More...

Tuktoga-ok - Morning Call

It’s not Tagalog version of tiktila-ok, not an English cock-a-doodle-doo, or a German kikeriki in Libjo when you hear a rooster you should hear it crowing TUKTOGA-OK. A unique sound you couldn't hear anywhere else. :-) Last summer when we had our vacation, my son always complained for not sleeping, "Rooster keeps me awake" he says. It's the morning call, but my son still adjusting to his sleep. It is supposed to be his sleeping time and is already wake-up time here.
Once, my father partly owns the sabongan in Libjo. (from the word sabong - fighting
roosters). We have a poultry fence in our home backyard. I was assigned to feed the chickens every afternoon before dark. Unfortunely not on time. Hmm, most the time I would say. Sometimes I fed them late like nine o’clock in the evening, with kerosene lamp since we have no electricity way back then. Roosters end up starving. My father was furious, as a consequence he let me write, "Feed the rooster, feed the rooster, feed the rooster" on all my school notebooks. Except for one (notebook), which I could not find that time. Everything has a print on both sides of the covers. Reason? So I won't keep forgetting to feed the rooster after school. That's funny.
Sabong happens every Sunday and on Holidays here in Libjo. And even on Good Fridays. It is people’s favorite pastime.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Tambasakan - Mudskipper

I usually don't read book to my kids when they went to bed. Instead I pick a story about my childhood and share it with them. At this point I could not find a story. All I could remember is this song and this particular fish back in Libjo. Most of you know this song. Si Pelimon and the fish called Tambasakan or mudskipper in english.

- Cebuano
Si Pilemon, Si Pilemon namasol sa kadagatan
Nakakuha, nakakuha ug isda'ng tambasakan
Guibaligya, Guibaligya sa merkado'ng guba
Ang halin puros kura, ang halin puros kura igo ra i panuba.

- English
Filemon, Filemon went fishing in the sea
He caught, he caught a mudskipper
He sold it, he sold it in the dilipated market
He earned a little cash, he earned a little cash, just enough to buy tuba.


pasol - to catch fish; to fish by hook-and-line
kadagatan - the open sea
kuha - to get; to catch
isda - fish
isdang tambasakan - mudskipper
baligya, ibaligya - to sell
merkado - market
guba - broken down; run-down; rickety
halin - revenue; income from sale
pulos - entirely; wholly
kura - fake money; money circulated during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines
igo - enough; sufficient
tuba - a popular drink fermented from the sap of the coconut tree
ipanuba - to spend one's money on tuba

Smart is back in Libjo

Despite the dispute of the land area where Smart cell tower is located, Smart service in Libjo now is back and not only it serves cell phones, it also serves internet connectivity. Smart wi-fi as it was called (comes from "Wireless Fidelity") is a wireless broadband internet connection. I'm just not sure with fidelity of the wi-fi in Libjo as what I’ve read from all the reviews, thu this a good option to get an Internet broadband. Especially that Libjo has no landline telephone service.
Because of Smart tower proximity to the downtown, Libjo cell customers now turning back to Smart since it has strong and very good clear signal. Now I have switch back and remember my moms cell phone number when she's still with Smart. She said she could now use her cell phone even inside our house without any interruption.

BTW, our cell phone directory initiative is still in progress. And If you would like to help, please contact us

Monday, November 06, 2006

News: Dinagat mine operations set to start

THE STATE-OWNED Natural Resources Mining Development Corp. (NRMDC) expects trial operations of the Dinagat Island chromite project to start in the first quarter of 2007.

As the contractor United Philippines China Mining Corp. (UPCMC) winds up its feasibility study on the project this fourth quarter, it has also started exploration work at parts of the island designated as parcel 1A and parcel 2B. The company sees a guaranteed rate of 24,000 metric tons... more

Friday, November 03, 2006

Branding Libjo and Libjo LIVE!

Have you heard of branding towns and cities? Yes, cities were now branded like Levi's or Coca-Cola and any other products. One example in the US is LasVegas 'what happens here stays here' motto. They tried it registered it so nobody can use it as advertising for something else. It makes a sense of Las Vegas as a city where you can experience freedom. Some cities in the Philippines also is doing these but not to the extent of registering it in trades and patents. Branding now is more important to survival of a city or town. Cebu has its own Ceboom. Siargao has its 'Surfing capital of the Philippines'. What about Libjo? That is what we are doing here at Libjo LIVE! We are trying to dig uncover our history, attractions, economics, demographics, tourism and with the help of a community like ours we can make it successful. Here is some reading about branding a city.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

My Libjo Dreaming

If I can afford one of these days I will be coming home to this place and I will build my home right to this beautiful warm clear blue water. One of these days I will just spend most of my time fishing, relaxing, strolling and throwing stones by the beach (sagaysay pila ka bugsay)...

Is it a promise? Yes it is. It is similar to the terminator's "I'll be back" or McArthur's "I shall return" promise. When will this be? No one knows for sure. It just depends on what’s written on my next fortune cookie.

Who's with me? Sharing your dream?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

News: Dinagat Island Road Network

Dinagat Island Road Network is included in the P29.1 billion three-year budget for Mindanao infra project.

The government will need P29 billion to realize its ambitious super region concept in Mindanao for the next three years, according to Presidential Adviser for Mindanao Jesus Dureza.

Dureza said these infrastructure development projects would "propel the competitiveness of the island battered by decades-old secessionist problems."

"The super region strategy will play a key role in ensuring that despite the pervading issues and challenges, efforts to address Mindanao's development imperatives are accelerated," the presidential adviser said.

Full story here.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Name Day Celebration

How did you get your first name? (My school assignment)

Hello! My name is Shalamath. Shalamath is from the Filipino word "salamat" meaning thank you. I was misdiagnose in triple test when I was still on my moms tummy. I'm positive for Down syndrome. The doctors said to my dad I had an open skull.
My mom was very upset and was crying all weekend long when they learned that. And when they went back to the clinic Monday the next week to talk to the doctor the nurse just told them there have been a mistake on the laboratory work. And they were just sorry. My mommy really doesn’t want me taken out by the doctors. She loves me very much. Even if I will have an open skull. They want to keep me still.
The time I was born, my parents were really happy. I’m normal and healthy baby boy.
And that is why they call me Shalamath (thank you).
Both of my parents came from the Philippines. From an island called Dinagat and
town called Libjo. Both of them still speak Filipino I'm not. I was born in Atlanta Georgia. I came from the South and I'm a Filipino-American.

My brother is Allahmath and my dads name is Ahguimath we all have "math" in all our names. My dad told me, its because your grandfather loves mathematics.

That's my story. How about you? Can you tell me yours?

Friday, October 13, 2006

The Battle of Surigao Strait

Halsey was right in one respect; the battleship would have her day – or, perhaps, her night. For sailing eastwards towards Surigao Strait on the night of the 24th was Vice Admiral Shoji Nishimura, and the battleships Fuso and Yamashiro. Accompanying them would be the heavy cruiser Mogami, the destroyers Shigure, Michishio, Asagumo and Yamagumo. Following close behind would be a second force sailing from Japan under the command of Vice Admiral Kiyohide Shima. This second force would consist of two heavy cruisers, one light cruiser, and four destroyers. Unfortunately for Nishimura and Shima, the Americans would be perfectly deployed and anxiously waiting for all of the Japanese ships to sail into their trap.

Surigao Strait (24-25 October 1944). The old U.S. battleships Mississippi, West Virginia, Maryland, Tennessee, California and Pennsylvania (all but the first veterans of Pearl Harbor), supported by numerous smaller warships, ambushed a Japanese force including the old battleships Fuso and Yamashiro, which were annihilated in an action so one-sided that Pennsylvania never got to fire. This was the last time battleships ever fired on each other.

Full story here. Please click on pictures to enlarge.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

News: PACAP launches Gaas Inlet Project in Libjo

Surigao del Norte (Apr 26, 2006) - Another PACAP-funded development initiative dubbed as Gaas Inlet Coastal Resource Management Project (GICRMP) was launched just recently at Brgy. Llamera, Libjo, Surigao del Norte. Major stakeholders of GICRMP were at full attendance in a ceremonial turned-over by Philippine-Australian Community Assistance Project (PACAP) Program Director David Swete Kelly and other PACAP Officials together with the Provincial Planning Development Officer Arturo Cruje, members of the Dinagat Island Development Alliance (DISDEV) FOCAS Management Committee and representatives from BFAR, MGB, EMB, and DAR, Local Chief Executives of the three municipalities of Libjo, Cagdianao and Basilisa and members of the coastal communities.

Habitat degradation in the inlet coupled with the community’s desire to combat poverty prompted the LGUs of Basilisa, Cagdianao and Libjo to form an alliance whose governance shall lead the full development and management of the inlet’s coastal resources. Furthermore, this 3-year project aims to unify efforts to regain the inlet’s sustainable levels of productivity while empowering the LGUs, coastal communities and organized groups in the effective and efficient management of the inlet thru institutional development and partnership-building, rehabilitation and protection of the coastal environment, and livelihood support packages for the coastal communities.

Just about ten months after the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement between the Provincial Government of Surigao del Norte and PACAP, numerous project proposals were already funded. PACAP is a bilateral program for the support of community-initiated, economically sustainable, ecologically sound, and gender sensitive development efforts. (Fryan E. Abkilan, PIA Surigao del Norte)

Monday, October 09, 2006

Dive Information Detail in Libjo Dinagat Island

Deepest Experience: 35 m.
General Remarks: Fabulous beautiful place on the west goast of Dinagat Island. Mushroom rocks coming out of the sea, great channels between in.

Type of Bottom: Lots of coral growth, especially inside the bays. Outside in violent currents bare rock with sparse corals.
Marinelife: Inside the bays poor in small life, good for fishes mainly but not large fishes: all fished.
Visibility: Very clear water, 25 m +
Currents: Outside sheltered area very violent. Washing machine.
Level: Inside the bays for beginners and recreational diving very perfect, especially when no currents at all. Outside the bays only for professional divers. Drift dive experience needed.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Province of Dinagat Island

Here's some of my hightlights from H. No. 884
You can download a copy of the charter Here

Charter of the Province of Dinagat Island.”

Province of Dinagat Island consisting of the municipalities of Basilisa, Cagdianao,
Dinagat, Libjo (Albor), Loreto, San Jose and Tubajon with the following

Bounded on the North, starting from the desolation po 1 int is Surigao Strait;
on the East by the Philippine Sea; on the South-East by Dinagat sound; on the
South by Gaboc Channel and Nonoc Island; on the South-West by Awasan Bay,
Hanigad Island and Hikdop Island; and on the West by Surigao Strait.

Capital Town and Seat of Government. – The capital town and
seat of government of the new Province of Dinagat Island shall be the Municipality
of San Jose.

Residence and Office. – During the incumbency of the governor,
he shall have his official residence and office in the designated capital of the
province. All elective and appointive provincial officials shall hold office in the
provincial capital: Provided, That upon the resolution of the sangguniang
panlalawigan, elective and appointive provincial officials may hold office in any
component city or municipality within the province for a period of not more than
seven days for any given month.

Disqualifications. – The following persons are not qualified from
running for any elective position in the province:
-Those with dual citizenship;
-Permanent residents in a foreign country or those who have acquired
the right to reside abroad and continue to avail of the same right after the effectivity
of the Local Government Code of 1991

Continued discussion at Creation of the New Province?

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Libjo seaport code - PHLIB

Libjo Bay and Libjo port in particular is listed as one of seaport for United Nations. UN/LOCODE otherwise called as United Nations Code for Trade and Transport Locations. Libjo was assigned code of PHLIB. It is also posted at IATA port code - International Air Transport Association.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Libjo's Pig-ot Hideaway

One of our destination and pride is Libjo's Pig-ot Hideaway.

Included in one of Surigao del Norte tourism attraction it was describe as...
A cluster of islets connected by wooden boardwalks. The clear blue water hold nature’s gifts for the adventurous traveler to unravel. A paradise hidden from the turmoil of urban living. Simply heaven on earth.

Aside from rates that are considered expensive and unaffordable for local guests now this facility also need some reconstruction.
Melvin Llamera a Libjo native and a former US Navy Officer founded pig-ot Hideaway.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Libjo New Gym Update

Different from what we've posted last about our new gym in Libjo, it actually been started and here's the updated pictures taken on site. My brother in law mentioned this would be as much as big as Mandaue Sports Complex in Cebu. By the way, the architect who designs this building is Ariel Pelismino, also from Libjo but now teaches architecture in Cavite City.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Storm Alert for Libjo

Check this link for the updated Weather Map.

Philippines on tropical storm alert
Tuesday, September 26, 2006 (Manila):

A tropical storm heading for the eastern Philippines prompted authorities to raise a weather alert on Tuesday.

Tropical Storm Xangsane will bring heavy rains, maximum winds of 65 kilometers (40 miles) per hour and gusts of up to 85 kph (53 mph) before making landfall on Thursday.

The islands of Samar, Dinagat, Leyte, Biliran and Siargao were placed on storm alert. Coastal waters will be rough and extremely dangerous, and residents were advised to seek higher ground because of big waves.

Those living in low-lying areas and near mountain slopes were alerted to the possibility of flash floods and landslides.

The storm will veer westward before making landfall over Aurora province on Thursday. It will then cut across central Luzon and exit over the South China Sea. (AP)

Monday, September 25, 2006

Libjo Telephone Directory

Since the installation of two major cellular networks in town, the need for landline telephone service is no longer necessary. Except as alternative long distance purpose of landlines, portability of cell phones and text messaging is the most affordable, reliable and easy way of communication. And most everyone I know owns a cell phone. What if we’re going to have a cell phone directory? A centralize cell phone listing for all Libjo-anon serving like the landline telephone directory does. Do you think this is a good idea? Please drop us a comment or email us or send us your phone number and name. Thank you very much.

Bagata Metchelle 0906 9047209

Balorio Jefter 0921 2442345

Birdy 09161195807

Buenafe Blessed 0910 4577294

Buenafe Danna 0921 4674958

Buenafe Gaging 0921 6978858

Cabeza Euzel 0915 5986757

Cabeza Laiza 0919 4819428

Cabajes Mariel 0920 8450450

Cabajes Rendel 0918 7638604

Dela Cruz ConCon 0906 9237018

Dela Pena Prijie 0905 8508135

Digman-Maturan Lorigen 0926 2589001

Gerandoy Princess 0918 7371682

Jacquez Augie 0919 7844107

Jacquez Kristal 0920 3483352

Jacquez MariJill 0921 5899137

Labor Lalang 0920 3483338

Llana Jenjing 0918 3426650

Llamera, Dan
00966502085516 , roaming 0921432050

Lumpay KC 0910 8752988

Malbacias Bobet 0910 5245441

Malbacias Bebei 0916 9127391

Malbacias RR 0910 4929025

Mayol Muthja 0927 7210364

Miras Dodo 0915 4614141

Navarro Matt 0906 9045489

Obsioma Edgel 0920 7668432

Patulin Yvonne 0928 3286553

Verana Irma 0910 4569854

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Creation of the new province?

From Reymond's original post at Libjo Chat: Got the latest news from manila bulletin headline today.... it says; The Senate also approved during the first two months of the Third Regular Session seven other measures of local application, including the creation of the new province of Dinagat Island in Surigao (HB 884). comments?

Simbada Street Dancing

Like Sinulog in Cebu and Bunok-bunok festival in Surigao, Simbada in Libjo has its own unique concept based on abundant fishing of squid. This carnival happens every year during the celebration of the founding of the town - Araw ng Libjo. It is more or less a street dance competition participated with different contingents from the barangays.

In deed a Libjo homegrown and Libjo pride.

This years winners for Simbada 2006;
1st: Barangay Rosita
2nd: Barangay Albor
3rd: Barangay Sto. Nino

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Link to Lawigan in Loreto.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Nukos ( Uroteuthis Bartschi Rehder )

I made some searching about the nukos (local squid) that is found in Libjo. If you notice part of Libjo's logo which I have a link here, has a squid on it. During 1970's to 1980's this kind of squid is very abundant in Libjo bay and in its neighboring municipalities. There are tons and hundreds of tons of squid caught during these times. This kind of squid is caught only during when there is no moon - kadudman (moonless night) using lampara (kerosene lamp). So far what I know about squid is, it feeds during nighttime closer to the surface (around 10 feet from surface) and migrate back to 25 feet down during the day. During nights when this species are on the shallow they attracted to small shrimps, which is also attracted to fishing light (lampara). The process of catching this squid is known as Simbada**. When a swarm of it is form beneath the boat, fishermen use nets to capture it. The boat specially made to catch this kind of squid is called Surit and a larger version is called Basnig.

If you live in Libjo (Albor) during this times and during the drying season of this squids.. the smell is over powering. You even could not sleep during nights. My favorites squid recipe is kinilaw, adobo and binuyad (dried squid).

The only thing that's unfortunate with Nukos is, during the time this species were caught they're bidhan (about to spawn eggs). If everything’s caught during spawning season nothing will be left the next season. And there is no rules regulating the catch of squid, national and yet the municipal level.

** Street dancing during the celebration of the town’s foundation (Araw ng Libjo) is also called Simbada.

From wikipedia:
Squid are exclusively carnivorous, feeding on fish and other invertebrates. Squid usually have two elongated tentacles especially for the capture of food. They are voracious, fast-moving and fast-growing predators, and can be hugely abundant in productive seas. Most live for one year, dying after spawning, although some of the giant species may live for two years or more.

Our kind of squid is called Uroteuthis bartschi Rehder

Here's some links to what I’ve checked:

Friday, September 15, 2006

Libjo History

libjo map
The municipality of Libjo (formerly Albor) was created on February 29,1960 but its formal inauguration was held on April 23 of the same year. Its creation was said to be miraculous for it was done in a record time of only eighty civil days.

Albor was named after the two town mayors who were behind its creation. The first syllable Al was taken from the word Alfaro, the surname of the Loreto Mayor, while the second syllable - Bor was derived from the word Borja, the surname of the then mayor of Dinagat. By mutual agreement, these two executives ceded each a portion of their territories to the new municipality.

However, the name Albor did not last long. Majority of the inhabitants clamored for the restoration of its original name -- Libjo, which was right away done by the municipal council.

In 1970's, vast natural wealth abounds within the territorial limits of the municipality. In its forests first group timber and other products such as rattan, resin, almaciga, baliw, pangtod, hagnaya, orchids and the like may be secured in a commercial quantities. In the bowels of the earth, dormant mineral deposits of manganese and chromite awaits the enterprising leaders of industry.

More about Libjo.

Source: 1970 Souvenir Program of Philippine Public Schools Inter-scholastic Athletic Association Meet (PPSIAA)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Carnivorous plant in Libjo?

What? Yes, carnivorous plant. Is it the man-eating plant that we've heard from stories?
Monster plant gobbling a whole entire person in its flower? Possibly :-). Just kidding. As I have mentioned before from my previous post, this plant is abundant in Mt. Pelhi.

This plant is what we called pitcher plant. What I've learned pitcher plant genera, scientific name Nepenthes is a carnivorous plant that usually grow in places where the soil is thin or poor in nutrients, especially nitrogen. It derives some or most of its nutrients (but not energy) by trapping and consuming animals, especially insects. The pitcher starts as a small bud and gradually expand to form a globe- or tube-shaped trap. The trap contains a fluid of the plant's own production, which may be watery or syrupy and is used to drown the prey. The lower part of the trap contains glands which absorb nutrients from captured prey. This kind of plant is all around the island (Dinagat) and mostly on mountainous and rocky places in Libjo.

Hmmm. A mountain believed to be not for humans with carnivorous plant and dwarf trees? Hmm…Interesting...

Ps. Believe me or not, I’m tired and thirsty I've drink water from this plant during our first climb in Mt Pelhi. And incase something happens, my climbing partner (Dick Cortes) took a picture from that incident. Luckily I’m still telling you the story.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Libjo-anon Registry

Here's our list of Libjo-anon living outside Libjo. Libjo-anon Registry includes people from the barangays, including Albor to Bayanihan and Quezon to Plaridel and includes people living in Cebu, Manila, Davao and anywhere else outside Libjo. If you know someone, please let us know by sending it to or post us a comment. Thanks much.

Andit Bobbie "dany" - Phoenix Arizona
Andit-Uy Eva - California
Andit Lorna - Americus Georgia
Andit Lotlot - Manila
Andit Gildatria - Pensylvenia
Angob Jacinto "edroy" - Saudi Arabia
Bacolod Richer "yakyak" - Cebu City
Bacolod Buyen - Surigao City
Bagata Joan - Taiwan
Bayon-Llamera Joji Llamera Dipolog City
Boquilon Jinky
Boquilon Arlene
Boquilon Blesem
Boiser Alma - Manila
Buenafe Dennisson - Manila
Buenaflor Sally - Singapore
Cabajes Bebeth -
Cabajes Marlyn - Jacksonville, Florida
Cabeza Maritess - Singapore
Cabeza Luzell Ann "pinji" - Cebu City
Cabeza Leopoldo Jr. "jundie" - Cebu City
Cantilado Luz "daday" - Fort Huron Michigan
Comparativo Virginia - Suriagao City
Comparativo Maruja -
Creencia Raymond - Manila
Damos "peping" – Beech Grove, Indiana
Damos "juaning" - Beech Grove, Indiana
Damos "dinday" - Beech Grove, Indiana
Damos "felma" - Beech Grove, Indiana
Digman Carol
Dumanacal, Engr. Johnell Bisnar
Espina Trini Ann
Espina Anskie
Espina Annilou - Saudi Arabia
Jacquez Ahguimath "mat" - Minneapolis, Minnesota
Jacquez Loche - Minneapolis, Minnesota
Langit-Bachman "yetyet" - Switzerland
Litang "islaw" - Juliet Illinois
Llamera Bart Gerard L. - Manila
Llamera Melvin – Federal Way Washington
Llamera Lordan - Saudi Arabia
Llamera Brenda - Brussels
Llorca Yowelyn - Taiwan
Llorca Genevieve - Taiwan
Llorca Rosalie - USA
Malbacias "charma" - California
Malbacias Rodolfo "jojok" - Columbia Tennessee
Malbacias Mayamay "maya" - Columbia Tennessee
Malbacias Rex "jigjig" - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Malbacias Serafin Jr. - Surigao City
Malbacias Zari Arriana - Columbia Tennessee
Navarro, Matt-Mepz-I, Ibo, Lapu-lapu City,Cebu,Philippines
Navarro Sharon - Loreto, SDN
Pelismino Ariel - Cavite City
Picol Andres - New Wark, USA
Piloton Julieta - Canada
Piloton Ligaya - Milan Italy
Soeung Bagata Rean - Seattle Washington
Samejon Nenita - Singapore
Satapathy Primrose - California
Tokong Ferdinand "bruce" - Basilan Zamboangga
Uba Janet - Lebanon
Uba Jessen - Lebanon
Villarosa Rommel - Americus Georgia
Villarosa Yaranon Myla - Americus Georgia

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Libjo Rocks!

Rock Climbing in Libjo is still not common and yet to be discovered. In the Philippines in general this sports is relatively young. Although there are many areas offering promising rock climbing, most of these have never been climbed yet. And Libjo is one of it.

Rock climbing in a beachfront is possible I would think. And barangay Magsaysay I bet is a candidate. It just needs someone to start establishing routes and train local guides. Also provide the equipment, which is not available locally.

Can you imagine? If Siargao is for surfing, Libjo/Dinagat is for Climbing. And If they have first class waves, we have best Rocks, Mountains and Caves. Although we shared a common element… The beach.

In photo: My brother Jokjok in one of Libjo's rock wall. He’s a member of the Philippine Team for Sport Rock Climbing to compete in Singapore. He was number 2 in the Philippines.

Caution: Climbing is a sport which is inherently dangerous where you may be seriously injured or die.

Links to more information about climbing.
SCAPI – Sports Climbing Association of the Philippines
UP Mountaineers
Habagat Outdoor shop
Climbing Magazine

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Libjo LIVE! Chat

Hello and Welcome to our chatroom! Libjo Live! Chatroom is an open discussion chat. It's for visitors to hangout, chat, shares ideas, and meets some friends or pretty much everything. Please observe decency otherwise feel free and have Fun!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Introducing muthja

Hello! Let me introduce Muthja. She’s our site manager at Libjo LIVE! and our Internet cafĂ© in Libjo. She can assist pretty much in all your needs in Libjo. Either in how to use computers, uses the Internet, play games, download files, use document processing and prints. She can also arrange a tour package for you. Island and beach hopping, caving, mountain climbing or just book your stay in Libjo. You know what? She’s nice … she is a Computer Engineer graduate from University of San Carlos. She love’s amateur radio. And you can often catch her at 145.030 Mhz frequency modulating. She has lots of friends On-Air as well as Online. She loves the outdoors. Once, during her college days she participated in rock-climbing competition in Cebu. And I remember she was number 8 in women category at that time. Balikbayan herself, she have been to Taiwan couple years back and she knows a little of Chinese and French. Of course she can speak and write in English as well. She loves Libjo, she was born here, finish high school and she knows much about everyone and around Libjo. She’s the best person to talk to. Ayez un jour splendide! Have a great day!

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Libjo's Mount Pelhi

Let me chat more about Libjo’s very own Mount Pelhi. Remember I called it the Bonsai Garden? I scaled the mountain myself for at least twice.

Situated east from Libjo next to the Pacific Ocean, Mt. Pelhi stands 770 meters from sea level. And since its foot started from seacoast level, the view looks gorgeous from the base. Much especially when clouds touches its peaks.

Pelhi derives from the local name Palhi (a place not for human beings). This mountain really has its own wonders. Bonsai trees covered with moss and pitcher plant all over the place. Equivalent to Canada’s Sleeping Giant, locals also called Mt. Pelhi Babaeng Bukid (Lady Mountain). From the distance the mountain really looks a woman lying on her back.

Climbing the mountain takes you a motor ride from Libjo to barangay San Jose and a boat ride to Sitio Katmunan. We used the Sitio as jump off point and a kilometer inland close to the water stream as our based camp. At the peak we used the old treasure mine at 760 meters as the high camp.

This mountain deserves respect. And I hope this will be preserve for the future generation. It will not be exploited for mining, logging and forest kaingin-burning. I wondered, could it be considered a national park or even a Municipal Park?

You can check Mt. Pelhi in the Map.

Thanks to the following pioneer mountain climbers;
Ahguimath Jacquez
Dick Cortez
Jewsco Jacquez
Nonong Resurecion
Esen Bobit Eludo
Cliffer Jacquez
Jud Jacquez

Friday, August 25, 2006

Libjo New Municipal Gym

Aside from the 2 existing gym that is located in Barangay Albor and San Antonio a new expected modern gym will be built in Ginumbayan also part of San Antonio. Project is dated 2004 and 2007 and picture is taken June 11, 2006.